Do Employers Value Mature Jobseekers?

The truth: Employers do value older applicants. Let’s start by tackling the first fundamental truth. Certainly, there are some employers who prefer younger candidates but there is convincing evidence that there are more employers who value older workers and welcome applicants in their 50s and 60s than those who don’t.

These are employers who know the benefits of hiring mature applicants, people who have handled difficult situations in the past and who will confidently do so again, people who are not continually looking for ‘greener pastures. Managing yourself through redundancy

·                   Keep up a cheerful calm public face. It never pays to gripe bitterly about the employer’s sins and failings, however justified you feel you are in naming them. The person who will suffer is you. Avoid all the common traps of expressing anger, hurt-or just slinking away. Make sure you exit from your previous organization with aplomb.
·                   Assemble an inner group of helpers, people who are or your side and can offer support, challenge and expert advice.
·                  Take full advantage of any offers of help whether from recruiters, legal advisers, workshops, outplacement experts, counsellors or coaches

Checks before being appointed an applicant will have to undergo a number of checks, depending on the position and the jurisdiction. These checks include proof of identity and age. Proof of citizenship or permanent residency status. A health assessment verification of qualifications police records check security check. Feedback to applicants is an important part of the process. You may be able to obtain a copy of the relevant section of the selection team’s report, depending on the jurisdiction. You can seek verbal comments about your interview perform and application standard from the chairperson of the selection panel. This oral feedback is available in all jurisdictions. If you were not short-listed then you will likely have to wait until the selection process has been finalised before you are offered feedback.

Most of us will change careers at least three times and will continue to work well past what used to be considered retirement age.  It is also true that for some people it is desperately difficult to find a job. If you live in an area of very high unemployment, have few marketable skills, a disability or a patchy employment record, the few jobs that there are will probably be snapped up by people who are overqualified for them and it will be far harder to find work. Perhaps it is not too surprising that the unhelpful ideas persist. Many people can reach their forties or older without ever having had to construct a CV; in long-stay organizations, much recruiting and selecting has been done informally, so the process of searching for a job elsewhere is a mystery, made worse by the suspicion that maybe your skills are not transferable though usually they are. The good news here is that even when you are starting as a complete beginner in job search, none of it is difficult and all of it can be learnt and applied immediately. People sometimes confuse selling themselves with selling a consumer product. I call this “presenting yourself in an all-galactic fashion That is, many times candidates will “oversell” themselves in their resume.
When they call 
If you’re expecting a call from someone, prepare in advance. Check that the message on your answering machine or message service sounds professional and businesslike.
you employer calls you unexpectedly, make a note of who is calling,from where and what number.

  • Keep your CV and other useful information accessible, his or her phone for this sort of situation 
  • The person calling won’t expect you to be as prepared would be at a formal interview, but do say more than just yes or no in answer. 
  • When you are on the phone Smile. It makes your voice sound warmer and more relaxed.
  • Don’t drink, smoke or even chew while the other person is talking as you to questions, and make sure you sound enthusiastic . 
  • Make notes.

Jobsearching after Redundancy
Job search for unemployed young graduates



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